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In the name of gum, you're chewing plastic.

Don't do that anymore!

Every year, we humans generate about 100,000 tonnes of plastic waste in the form of chewing gum...

The disposed chewing gums remain in our surroundings and get gradually washed away with rain water, adding microplastics to our ground water & seawater, posing a life threat to both ourselves and marine life!

These gums are made of the same ingredients as plastic bottles, tyres & glue.

Does that sound alarming enough that microplastics from gum will end up in your system overtime?

Our earth & you deserve better.

And so we made a chewing gum with everything plant based & natural. 
100% biodegradable- for the earth!
Sugar-free & natural- for you!

Gud Gum is made from a hand-harvested tree sap which has been a practice of tribal jungle societies for centuries. With this gum we blend the best plantbased ingredients – better for you and better for our environment.  

100% Natural





The Journey

Brothers trying to solve the plastic problem, one step at a time

We carry our own metal straws to parties,

we ditched the plastic toothbrush and embraced a wooden one,

we carry our own mug to the cafe, 

we carry our shopping bag to the market, 

we quit chewing gum for a bit, but quitting ain't in our blood. 

Now we chew Gud Gum with pride, without guilt. You should too!

What problem should we solve next?
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