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It's good to be inquisitive. We know you'll want to know a lot more about HUKI, so here are answers to the most frequently asked questions!

  • What is HUKI?
    "हुकी" in the Rajasthani language means anything dried. HUKI is essentially a slow air-dried fruit/veg slice. The air-drying process boosts its shelf life, concentrates the flavours and also imparts a peculiar texture to it. Our ancestors have been sun-drying produce for centuries, HUKI is new age air-drying.
  • Does the air-drying process use any preservatives or chemicals?
    If you happen to look on the back of our packs, you would see the ingredient list which says just- Fruit & herbs. We use no chemical preservatives or additives in our process. We beleive that our bodies are places of worship and only pure things should enter it.
  • What is the shelf-life of HUKI?
    HUKI is good to be eaten for more than 6 months from its manufacturing date. However, we mention 3 months on the back of our pack because we want you to come back to us often!
  • I left a packet of HUKI out in the open, now the texture is a bit chewy, can I still eat it?"
    HUKI fruits contain a lot of natural fruit sugar inherent to the fruit itself. This sugar loves clinging onto the moisture in our ambient air and hence your HUKI would go chewy after sometime. It is absolutely safe to eat it even then. If you don't like the texture, just pop it into an oven at 80C for a few minutes and you'd have that supreme crisp texture again!
  • Are the nutrients of the fresh fruit and vegetables still intact in HUKI?
    Yes, absolutely. HUKI is made with a slow process which doesn't 'cook' the food at a high temperature to denature its nutrients. Vitamins & other micronutrients are stable at any temperature below 85C, and we don't go anywhere close to that temperature with our process.
  • I could just use fresh fruit, why should I buy HUKI?"
    There are days when you crave a watermelon but don't have people to share the whole melon with you. There are days when you want to have that cocktail with an orange wheel on the top but chopping a whole orange for just a slice is not really a great idea. There are days when you don't have too much time to prep fresh fruit for that smoothie. There are times when you crave a snack that doesn't make you feel guilty on the go. These are the times HUKI comes to your rescue. HUKI is shelf stable for months together, are healthy & tasty to snack on or even blend into a smoothie & are a great garnish to cakes and cocktails. There are more reasons to get addicted to HUKI, these are just a few!
  • Where is all the fruit to make HUKI sourced from?
    We source fruits and vegetables from local wholesalers and farmers. We beleive in sourcing locally to keep the carbon footprint as lean as possible. There are times when we rescue fruit that would rather go to waste from vendors to make HUKI.
  • There is a particular fruit or vegetable that I'd like to be in a HUKI form but you don't do it, how do I get that air-dried?"
    We'll be more than happy to help you process the fruit & veg of your choice, the way you want. Just drop us a line by the form on the "Make your own" page and we'll get in touch with you!
  • Once ordered, how long will my order reach me in? "
    To ensure that your order reaches you in the right condition and in the shortest span of time, we currently ship across 32,000 pin codes via reputed courier partners only. For more details, please read our Shipping guidelines.
  • I haven’t received my order. What do I do?
    Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Please drop us an email on, and we will get back to you in 48 hours. In case you wish to return a product, please read our Returns guidelines.
  • Can I customise a pack of 6?
    We currently do not customise the HUKI combo packs on single orders. If you’re looking to purchase a lot of HUKI for an occasion or to resell or anything else, please contact us. We would love to help you get what you want!
  • I'd love to get a lot of HUKI for my business as a garnish or an infusion slice, how do I get in touch?"
    Just write to us at and we'll have our CEO read it and respond to you!
  • Can I resell HUKI at my store or cafe?
    We're looking to expand our offline presence & we'd love to partner with you. Write to us at for all business queries.
  • What is HUKI- Curry in a Hurry?
    HUKI- Curry in a Hurry is a service where you can convert the food of your choice to an instant ready-to-cook format. With this service, you can carry the magic of your mums cooking and the pleasure of your favourite restaurant along with you wherever you go and indulge in the shortest time.
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